BEAM - Joint research for the Baltic Sea

Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management, BEAM, is a five-year research programme (2010-2014, and prolonged 2015) on ecosystem-based management of the Baltic Sea.

BEAM is a collaboration between ten research units at Stockholm University and combines and integrates the University’s successful research on Baltic ecosystems, contaminants, natural resource management and ecological models for environmental management.

Formal end of BEAM and future handling of the strategic marine environmental research funds

The BEAM program ceases at the end of 2015, and the area committee for natural sciences has now decided how future marine strategic funds will be handled.

How will current research strengthen ecosystem-based management of our sea?

Latest research news from BEAM

After BEAM was prolonged through 2015 over 4 MSEK were used for projects in BEAM's sphere of interest. The funded researchers have now summarized their work.

Impact of climate change on the marine environment, group picture at Askö

How is a changing climate linked to my Baltic Sea research?

During a one-week course 16 well-renowned experts connected climate change to our most studied Baltic Sea issues, such as; biogeochemical processes, the carbon cycle and food web structures. It resulted in equipping 20 young researchers from all around the Baltic Sea with new problem-solving skills and knowledge that might help develop strategies for a sustainable Baltic Sea management.

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Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management, is part of the Government's strategic research areas and is considered one of the leading research areas that have been specially chosen to profile Stockholm University.

How international fish trade masks fish stock decline

Global seafood trade leave consumers unaware of over-exploited marine ecosystems. Read more on Stockholm Resilience Centre's (SRC) web!

BEAM research in short

What are the main outcomes of BEAM so far? Recent results from ten projects have now been gathered in a popular scientific mini report. In addition, it describes the program and presents views from the members of the interdisciplinary steering board. Read more