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Comparing incentives for compliance in addressing transboundary water quality issues

Often compared, both the Baltic Sea and the Chesapeake Bay regions are faced with eutrophication resulting from a number of factors. Governments in both regions have enacted a system of incentives and enforcement mechanisms to achieve target reductions for nutrients and total dissolved solids. This seminar seeks to explore the similarities and differences with law and governance in both regions: what is working and what lessons have been learned. We want to provide an opportunity to hear about what is happening in each region, have an opportunity for dialogue, and explore opportunities for further collaboration across both regions. 

This is a joint event between Stockholm Environmental Policy and Law Centre & Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre. It is open for all and a link to the seminar will be provided upon registration.

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Programme May 28 
14.00-15.30 CET (8:00-9:30 EST)

  • 14:00 Welcome by professor Jonas Ebbesson (moderator), Director, Stockholm Environmental Law and Policy Centre
  • 14:05 Why compare the Baltic Sea and the Chesapeake Bay? Professor Christoph Humborg, Scientific Director, Baltic Sea Centre
  • 14:15 Overview of Baltic Sea governance, Brita Bohman, Senior Lecturer, Department of Law at Stockholm University
  • 14:35 Overview of Chesapeake Bay governance, Lara Fowler, Senior Lecturer, Penn State Law
  • 14.55 Discussion
  • 15:25 Wrap up and potential next steps

Meet our speakers

Senior Lecturer, Lara Fowler

Lara Fowler,
Senior lecturer

Lara Fowler is currently a senior lecturer at Penn State Law and the assistant director of the Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment. In addition, she serves on the Chesapeake Bay Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee. She was a Fulbright Scholar at Uppsala University’s Peace and Conflict Research Department from 2019-2020, exploring where people are finding success in managing difficult water challenges, including a comparison of the Baltic and the Chesapeake Bay regions.


Senior Lecturer Brita Bohman

Brita Bohman, 
Senior Lecturer

Brita Bohman is currently a senior lecturer in environmental law at the Department of Law, Stockholm University. She has previously had a position as post doc researcher in ocean governance law at the University of Gothenburg (2017-2019). In 2017 she was also a researcher at Baltic Area Legal Studies (BALEX), Åbo Akademi University in Finland. Bohman finalized her PhD thesis “Transboundary law for social-ecological resilience? A study on the Eutrophication in the Baltic Sea” in 2017, an evaluation of the regulatory framework of land-based pollution and eutrophication in the Baltic Sea.