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Communicating scientific results to the right place in society

Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre works to make marine research visible, synthetize research results, and forward useful knowledge to decision makers, management authorities as well as the society in general.

Results from our research projects are published in scientific journals continuously. We also produce various reports, articles and digital information targeting different audiences. In addition, we organize meetings and conferences to illuminate important marine issues, where for example scientists with common interests can meet and collaborate.

We hope this homepage can be a useful starting point for all who wish to learn more about marine science that is carried out at the Stockholm University. It also contains information about marine education and other activities linked to the Baltic Sea, such as marine environmental monitoring and the use of research facilities.

Get in touch with our communications unit to learn more about our mission. We can help get you in touch with the right researchers and experts at Stockholm University, point you to a relevant research project, and inform about current events in all areas related to the marine environment and or the Baltic Sea.

Our recent publications

Author Title Year
Nataliia Kulatska, Pamela J. Woods, Bjarki Þór Elvarsson,
et al.
Size-selective competition between cod and pelagic fisheries for prey 2021
Åke Hagström, Ulla Li Zweifel, John Sundh,
et al.
Composition and Seasonality of Membrane Transporters in Marine Picoplankton 2021
Åsa N. Austin, Joakim P. Hansen, S. Donadi,
et al.
Synergistic Effects of Rooted Aquatic Vegetation and Drift Wrack on Ecosystem Multifunctionality 2021
Britas Klemens Eriksson, Casey Yanos, Sarah J. Bourlat,
et al.
Habitat segregation of plate phenotypes in a rapidly expanding population of three-spined stickleback 2021
Henrik Svedäng, Anna Christiernsson, Christoph Humborg,
et al.
Värna kustmiljön – inte storskalig fiskeindustri 2021
Sven Iburg, Dandan Izabel-Shen, Åsa N. Austin,
et al.
Effects of Recreational Boating on Microbial and Meiofauna Diversity in Coastal Shallow Ecosystems of the Baltic Sea 2021
Farzad Basirat, Chin-Fu Tsang, Alexandru Tatomir,
et al.
Hydraulic Modeling of Induced and Propagated Fractures : Analysis of Flow and Pressure Data From Hydromechanical Experiments in the COSC-1 Deep Borehole in Crystalline Rock Near Åre, Sweden 2022
Margit Eero, Jan Dierking, Christoph Humborg,
et al.
Use of food web knowledge in environmental conservation and management of living resources in the Baltic Sea 2021
Emma Undeman, Kristina Rasmusson, Ilga Kokorite,
et al.
Policy brief: : Call for better management of micropollutants in wastewater 2021
Mikołaj Czajkowski, Hans E. Andersen, Gitte Blicher-Mathiesen,
et al.
Increasing the cost-effectiveness of nutrient reduction targets using different spatial scales 2021
Thorsten Blenckner, Yosr Ammar, Bärbel Müller-Karulis,
et al.
The Risk for Novel and Disappearing Environmental Conditions in the Baltic Sea 2021
Casey L. Yanos, Eeke P. Haanstra, Fiona Colgan Carey,
et al.
Predator biomass and vegetation influence the coastal distribution of threespine stickleback morphotypes 2021
Xiaole Sun, Christoph Humborg, Carl-Magnus Mörth,
et al.
The Importance of Benthic Nutrient Fluxes in Supporting Primary Production in the Laptev and East Siberian Shelf Seas 2021
Scott Cole, Per-Olav Moksnes, Tore Söderqvist,
et al.
Environmental compensation for biodiversity and ecosystem services : A flexible framework that addresses human wellbeing 2021
T. Kahma, Agnes M. L. Karlson, Camilla Liénart,
et al.
Food-web comparisons between two shallow vegetated habitat types in the Baltic Sea 2021
Iván F. Rodil, Karl M. Attard, Camilla Gustafsson,
et al.
Variable contributions of seafloor communities to ecosystem metabolism across a gradient of habitat-forming species 2021
Adele Maciute, Oleksandr Holovachov, Peter Berg,
et al.
A microsensor‐based method for measuring respiration of individual nematodes 2021
Thorsten Blenckner, Christian Möllmann, Julia Stewart Lowndes,
et al.
The Baltic Health Index (BHI) : Assessing the social-ecological status of the Baltic Sea 2021
Xiaomin Yang, Zhaoliang Song, Lukas Van Zwieten,
et al.
Spatial distribution of plant-available silicon and its controlling factors in paddy fields of China 2021
Arjen Tilstra, Florian Roth, Yusuf C. El-Khaled,
et al.
Relative abundance of nitrogen cycling microbes in coral holobionts reflects environmental nitrate availability 2021
Florian Roth, Yusuf C. El-Khaled, Denis B. Karcher,
et al.
Nutrient pollution enhances productivity and framework dissolution in algae- but not in coral-dominated reef communities 2021
Yusuf C. El-Khaled, Rassil Nafeh, Florian Roth,
et al.
High plasticity of nitrogen fixation and denitrification of common coral reef substrates in response to nitrate availability 2021
O. Agstam-Norlin, E. E. Lannergård, Emil Rydin,
et al.
A 25-year retrospective analysis of factors influencing success of aluminum treatment for lake restoration 2021
Lian Sun, Fernando Jaramillo, Yanpeng Cai,
et al.
Exploring the influence of reservoir impoundment on surrounding tree growth 2021
Lian Sun, Yanpeng Cai, Aifang Chen,
et al.
Water footprint and consumption of hydropower from basin-constrained water mass balance 2021
Iván F. Rodil, Andrew M. Lohrer, Karl M. Attard,
et al.
Macrofauna communities across a seascape of seagrass meadows : environmental drivers, biodiversity patterns and conservation implications 2021
Rebecca V. Gladstone-Gallagher, Judi E. Hewitt, Simon F. Thrush,
et al.
Identifying “vital attributes” for assessing disturbance–recovery potential of seafloor communities 2021
Caroline Raymond, Elena Gorokhova, Agnes M. L. Karlson
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Have Adverse Effects on Benthic Communities in the Baltic Sea : Implications for Environmental Status Assessment 2021
Chiara Piroddi, Ekin Akoglu, Eider Andonegi,
et al.
Effects of Nutrient Management Scenarios on Marine Food Webs : A Pan-European Assessment in Support of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive 2021
René Friedland, Diego Macias, Gianpiero Cossarini,
et al.
Effects of Nutrient Management Scenarios on Marine Eutrophication Indicators : A Pan-European, Multi-Model Assessment in Support of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive 2021
Elias Broman, Stefano Bonaglia, Alf Norkko,
et al.
High throughput shotgun sequencing of eRNA reveals taxonomic and derived functional shifts across a benthic productivity gradient 2020
Mindaugas Zilius, Aurelija Samuiloviene, Rūta Stanislauskienė,
et al.
Depicting Temporal, Functional, and Phylogenetic Patterns in Estuarine Diazotrophic Communities from Environmental DNA and RNA 2020
Elias Broman, Karin Holmfeldt, Stefano Bonaglia,
et al.
Cyanophage Diversity and Community Structure in Dead Zone Sediments 2021
Nils Rädecker, Claudia Pogoreutz, Hagen M. Gegner,
et al.
Heat stress destabilizes symbiotic nutrient cycling in corals 2021
Elias Broman, Mindaugas Zilius, Aurelija Samuiloviene,
et al.
Active DNRA and denitrification in oxic hypereutrophic waters 2021
Caroline Ek, Suzanne Faxneld, Elisabeth Nyberg,
et al.
The importance of adjusting contaminant concentrations using environmental data : A retrospective study of 25 years data in Baltic blue mussels 2021
Luis Silva, Maria Ll. Calleja, Snjezana Ivetic,
et al.
Heterotrophic bacterioplankton responses in coral- and algae-dominated Red Sea reefs show they might benefit from future regime shift 2021
Camilla Liénart, Andrius Garbaras, Susanne Qvarfordt,
et al.
Long‐term changes in trophic ecology of blue mussels in a rapidly changing ecosystem 2021
Leena Virta, Janne Soininen, Alf Norkko
Biodiversity Loss Threatens the Current Functional Similarity of Beta Diversity in Benthic Diatom Communities 2020
Andrea Belgrano, Camilla Novaglio, Henrik Svedäng,
et al.
Mapping and Evaluating Marine Protected Areas and Ecosystem Services : A Transdisciplinary Delphi Forecasting Process Framework 2021
Per Hedberg, Séréna Albert, Francisco J. A. Nascimento,
et al.
Effects of changing phytoplankton species composition on carbon and nitrogen uptake in benthic invertebrates 2021
Erik Gustafsson, Bo Gustafsson, Jacob Carstensen,
et al.
OMAI – Assessing acidification in the Baltic Sea, monitoring and scientific basis 2022
Séréna Albert, Stefano Bonaglia, Nellie Stjärnkvist,
et al.
Influence of settling organic matter quantity and quality on benthic nitrogen cycling 2021
Kari Hyytiäinen, Barbara Bauer, Kerstin Bly Joyce,
et al.
Provision of aquatic ecosystem services as a consequence of societal changes : The case of the Baltic Sea 2020
Séréna Albert, Per Hedberg, Nisha H. Motwani,
et al.
Phytoplankton settling quality has a subtle but significant effect on sediment microeukaryotic and bacterial communities 2022
Laura Seidel, Elias Broman, Stephanie Turner,
et al.
Interplay between eutrophication and climate warming on bacterial communities in coastal sediments differs depending on water depth and oxygen history 2021
Yusuf C. El-Khaled, Florian Roth, Nils Rädecker,
et al.
Nitrogen fixation and denitrification activity differ between coral- and algae-dominated Red Sea reefs 2021
Tom Jilbert, Bo G. Gustafsson, Simon Veldhuijzen,
et al.
Iron-Phosphorus Feedbacks Drive Multidecadal Oscillations in Baltic Sea Hypoxia 2022
Scott A. Klasek, Wei-Li Hong, Marta E. Torres,
et al.
Distinct methane-dependent biogeochemical states in Arctic seafloor gas hydrate mounds 2021
Imenne Åhlen, Guillaume Vigouroux, Georgia Destouni,
et al.
Hydro-climatic changes of wetlandscapes across the world 2021

Publications 2020

Author Title Year
Anna Scaini, David Zamora, John Livsey,
et al.
Hydro-climatic controls explain variations in catchment-scale nitrogen use efficiency 2020
Henrik Svedäng, Viktor Thunell, Ale Pålsson,
et al.
Compensatory Feeding in Eastern Baltic Cod (Gadus morhua) : Recent Shifts in Otolith Growth and Nitrogen Content Suggest Unprecedented Metabolic Changes 2020
Johanna Hedlund, Eva Ehrnsten, Christina Hayward,
et al.
New records of the Paleotropical migrant Hemianax ephippiger in the Caribbean and a review of its status in the Neotropics 2020
Florian Roth, Denis B. Karcher, Nils Rädecker,
et al.
High rates of carbon and dinitrogen fixation suggest a critical role of benthic pioneer communities in the energy and nutrient dynamics of coral reefs 2020
Parima Hajializadeh, Mohsen Safaie, Reza Naderloo,
et al.
Species Composition and Functiona Traits of Macrofauna in Different Mangrove Habitats in the Persian Gulf 2020
Erik Gustafsson, Bo G. Gustafsson
Future acidification of the Baltic Sea - A sensitivity study 2020
Sofia A. Wikström, Nils Hedberg, Nils Kautsky,
et al.
Letter to editor regarding Kotta et al. 2020 : Cleaning up seas using blue growth initiatives: Mussel farming for eutrophication control in the Baltic Sea 2020
David Zamora, Erasmo Rodríguez, Fernando Jaramillo
Hydroclimatic Effects of a Hydropower Reservoir in a Tropical Hydrological Basin 2020
Yusuf C. El-Khaled, Florian Roth, Arjen Tilstra,
et al.
In situ eutrophication stimulates dinitrogen fixation, denitrification, and productivity in Red Sea coral reefs 2021
Lukas Meysick, Alf Norkko, Karine Gagnon,
et al.
Context-dependency of eelgrass-clam interactions : implications for coastal restoration 2021
Elias Broman, Xiaole Sun, Christian Stranne,
et al.
Low Abundance of Methanotrophs in Sediments of Shallow Boreal Coastal Zones With High Water Methane Concentrations 2020
Joakim Hansen, Henrik C. Andersson, Ulf Bergström,
et al.
Våtmarker som fiskevårdsåtgärd vid kusten : Utvärdering av restaurerade våtmarkers effekt på fiskreproduktion och ekosystemet längs Östersjökusten 2020
Bruno Merz, Christian Kuhlicke, Michael Kunz,
et al.
Impact Forecasting to Support Emergency Management of Natural Hazards 2021
Johan Cederqvist, Susanna Lidström, Sverker Sörlin,
et al.
Swedish environmental history of the Baltic Sea : a review of current knowledge and perspectives for the future 2021
Andrea Belgrano, Maciej Tomczak, Daniel Wood
Working Group On Integrated Assessment of the North Sea (WGINOSE) 2021
Lian Sun, Yanpeng Cai, Yang Zhou,
et al.
Radial Growth Responses to Climate of Pinus yunnanensis at Low Elevations of the Hengduan Mountains, China 2021
Sofia A. Wikström, Andreas Bryhn, Matilda Valman,
et al.
Ekosystemansatsen – praktiska erfarenheter från svensk havs- och vattenförvaltning 2021
Stefan Neuenfeldt, Henn Ojaveer, Sylvia Opitz,
et al.
Review of trophic models for the Baltic Sea 2021
Lena Kautsky, Susanne Qvarfordt, Ellen Schagerström
Restaurering av blåstångssamhällen i Östersjön 2021
Lena Kautsky
Brunnsviken - en tidsresa i Stockholms vattenmiljöer 2021
Ellen Schagerström, Susanne Qvarfordt, Sofia A. Wikström
Var finns den frilevande blåstången? 2021
Lars M. Svendsen, Bo Gustafsson
Waterborne nitrogen and phosphorus inputs and water flow to the Baltic Sea 1995-2018 2021
Johanna Schumacher, Lisa Bergqvist, Floris M. van Beest,
et al.
Bridging the Science-Policy Gap - Toward Better Integration of Decision Support Tools in Coastal and Marine Policy Implementation 2021
Henrik Svedäng, Christoph Humborg
Östersjöns fiskekris 2021
Jana Johansson, Emma Undeman
Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and other perfluorinated alkyl substances (PFASs) in the Baltic Sea – Sources, transport routes and trends 2021
Emma Undeman, Jana Johansson
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in the Baltic Sea – Sources, transport routes and trends 2021
Michael McLachlan, Emma Undeman
Dioxins and PCBs in the Baltic Sea 2021
Emma Undeman
Diclofenac in the Baltic Sea – Sources, transport routes and trends 2021
Lars M. Svendsen, Bo Gustafsson, Søren Erik Larsen,
et al.
Progress towards national targets for input of nutrients : How much is left to reach the HELCOM nutrient input targets set for a clean Baltic Sea? 2021
Stefan Neuenfeldt, M.C. Nordström, Jan Dierking,
et al.
Synthesis and perspective manuscript on food web indicators and model applicability 2021
Mati Kahru, Ragnar Elmgren, Jerome Kaiser,
et al.
Cyanobacterial blooms in the Baltic Sea : Correlations with environmental factors 2020
Elias Broman, Stefano Bonaglia, Oleksandr Holovachov,
et al.
Uncovering diversity and metabolic spectrum of animals in dead zone sediments 2020
Johan S. Eklöf, Göran Sundblad, Mårten Erlandsson,
et al.
A spatial regime shift from predator to prey dominance in a large coastal ecosystem 2020
Leena Virta, Janne Soininen, Alf Norkko
Diversity and distribution across a large environmental and spatial gradient : Evaluating the taxonomic and functional turnover, transitions and environmental drivers of benthic diatom communities 2020
Johanna Gammal, Judi Hewitt, Joanna Norkko,
et al.
Does the use of biological traits predict a smooth landscape of ecosystem functioning? 2020
Karl M. Attard, Iván F. Rodil, Peter Berg,
et al.
Metabolism of a subtidal rocky mussel reef in a high-temperate setting : pathways of organic C flow 2020
T. I. Kahma, Agnes M. L. Karlson, Xiaole Sun,
et al.
Macroalgae fuels coastal soft-sediment macrofauna : A triple-isotope approach across spatial scales 2020
Sven Iburg, Inna Nybom, Stefano Bonaglia,
et al.
Organic Contaminant Mixture Significantly Changes Microbenthic Community Structure and Increases the Expression of PAH Degradation Genes 2020
Dan Liu, Xuan Wang, Saeid Aminjafari,
et al.
Using InSAR to identify hydrological connectivity and barriers in a highly fragmented wetland 2020
Henrik Nygård, Floris M. van Beest, Lisa Bergqvist,
et al.
Decision-Support Tools Used in the Baltic Sea Area : Performance and End-User Preferences 2020
Albert Norström, Christopher Cvitanovic, Marie F. Löf,
et al.
Principles for knowledge co-production in sustainability research 2020
Zhouling Zhang, Xiaole Sun, Minhan Dai,
et al.
Impact of human disturbance on the biogeochemical silicon cycle in a coastal sea revealed by silicon isotopes 2019
Matilda Cresso, Nicola Clerici, Adriana Sanchez,
et al.
Future Climate Change Renders Unsuitable Conditions for Paramo Ecosystems in Colombia 2021
Mari Joensuu, Conrad A. Pilditch, Alf Norkko
Temporal Variation in Resuspension Potential and Associated Nutrient Dynamics in Shallow Coastal Environments 2020
Thomas A. B. Staveley, Patrick Hernvall, Nellie Stjärnkvist,
et al.
Exploring seagrass fish assemblages in relation to the habitat patch mosaic in the brackish Baltic Sea 2020
Agnes M. L. Karlson, Elena Gorokhova, Anna Gårdmark,
et al.
Linking consumer physiological status to food-web structure and prey food value in the Baltic Sea 2020
Jacob Carstensen, Daniel J. Conley, Elin Almroth-Rosell,
et al.
Factors regulating the coastal nutrient filter in the Baltic Sea 2019
Susanna Lidström, Sverker Sörlin, Henrik Svedäng
Decline and diversity in Swedish seas : Environmental narratives in marine history, science and policy 2020
Josefin Sagerman, Joakim P. Hansen, Sofia A. Wikström
Effects of boat traffic and mooring infrastructure on aquatic vegetation : A systematic review and meta-analysis 2020
Stefano Bonaglia, Elias Broman, Björn Brindefalk,
et al.
Activated carbon stimulates microbial diversity and PAH biodegradation under anaerobic conditions in oil-polluted sediments 2020

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