Near Askö various programmes for monitoring have been performed since the 1970 and today some measurements are made as often as twice a month!

Who does what?

The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SwAM), is responsible for all environmental monitoring in Swedish waters, except the monitoring of environmental contaminants, which lies within the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. There are however a few data hosts and performing agencies.

The county administrative boards and coastal water associations manage the regional monitoring. They arrange various investigations, and all impacts from for example constructions in the coastal sea areas have to be monitored.

International monitoring of the marine environment is conducted over country boarders. Conventions and EU-regulations apply to wide ocean areas, and thus involve many countries.

We offer facilities to monitor the Baltic Proper

Environmental monitoring relies on regular investigations. The Baltic Sea Centre offers some necessary facilities, both the field station Askö Laboratory and the possibility to use the large research vessels.