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Welcome to the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science at Stockholm University is the largest science faculty in Sweden and is among the top hundred science faculties in the world on the Shanghai ranking. The Faculty offers top-class education in a number of programmes and courses, at Master´s level more than 30 study programmes are  given in English. 


What’s new in the Baltic Sea? Get some marine glimpses here!

Get your share of insights into the Baltic Sea, everything from poisoned perch to what phytoplankton a clam prefers to eat – spoiler alert: unfortunately, the one that’s waning due to climate change.

Struktur av NHE9

New findings could help in the development of anticancer drugs

Scientists at Stockholm University in Stockholm have established a mechanism by which our cells fine-tune their internal pH and sodium levels. Using cryo electron microscopy they have determined the first 3D-structure of a so-called “sodium/proton exchanger” that carries out this task. Their findings could help in the development of anticancer drugs in particular.

Susanne Qvarfordt

Small mussels in the Baltic are getting even smaller

Blue mussels in the Baltic Sea are getting smaller with time but bigger in numbers, according to a new study analyzing data since the 90's.

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