Thursday May 20th, the National Junior Faculty (NJF) and Sveriges universitetslärare och forskare (SULF) will hold a panel discussion about the current situation for junior academics in Sweden centered about the joint NJF-SULF report Uncertainty – a reality for junior researchers in Sweden that was recently published.

The report reveals the reality that junior researchers hold a variety of positions most with an unclear career path leading to an unsustainable system. The panel will discuss what needs to change in order to improve the situation.


Birgitta Henriques Normark, Academic Vice President for Research at KI
Sigbritt Karlsson, president of KTH,
Mats Ericson, president of SULF,
Cecilia Engdahl, National Junior Faculty
Moderator: Karin Åmossa, SULF

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The meeting will be held in English on Zoom on 20 May 12.00-13.00
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The seminar page from SULF can be found here.

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About Stockholm University Young Faculty

The Stockholm University Young Faculty (SU-YF) organization was established in 2018, and represents the more than 500 postdoctoral fellows, researchers, assistant professors, and all PhD holders without permanent academic appointments at SU. The SU-YF aims to promote transparency, provide information and support all members in their career advancement. The mission of the SU-YF is to promote diversity and innovation across campus, enhancing interdisciplinary research activities through building the skills of the SU-YF members so that they can navigate their careers in and out of academia. The SU-YF facilitates interactions among the young academic members at Stockholm University and other sectors, towards the goal of building a strong community that can benefit from the exchange of knowledge, culture and experience.