In the middle of January, another few lorries left the Manne Siegbahn Laboratory (MSL), heading towards Darmstadt, Germany. The transports were a part of the transfer of the CRYRING facility for experiments in atomic and molecular physics, which was operated by the MSL between 1992 and 2009. CRYRING will now be reconstructed and become part of the large accelerator facility FAIR, which is under construction at the research centre GSI in Darmstadt and planned to be operational in 2014. Researchers and technicians who used to work with CRYRING will be in Germany to work on the reconstruction and start-up of the facility.

“It involves mechanical construction, installation of control systems, and us sharing our experience of operating the ring when it is restarted”, says Anders Källberg at Fysikum, who is in charge of the transfer of CRYRING.