Two bioinformaticians, Agata and Olga, can help you if you want to discuss a project at the planning stage, get help with analyzes or advice on how to proceed. All PhD students and researchers at Stockholm University are welcome to use the support. The consultation is for free, other help you pay for. They are located at SciLifeLab, but they can come to Stockholm University if you wish. Contact them to make an appointment. ​


E-mail Agata Smialowska

E-mail Olga Dethlefsen

Short Term Bioinformatics Support at NBIS

Short Term Bioinformatics Support at National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden, (former BILS) is a distributed national research infrastructure providing bioinformatics support to life science researchers in Sweden. The funding is from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet), SciLifeLab and Swedish Universities.