The Arctic is undergoing climate and environmental change at an unprecedented rate. Research that takes a circumpolar perspective is critical to understanding these changes and mitigating the effects they have on natural and social systems. Canada and Sweden are two strong Arctic research nations with a long tradition of bilateral cooperation, including several successful joint field initiatives in the past. Both nations have Arctic Indigenous populations whose communities are facing a variety of challenges in a rapidly changing Arctic.

To encourage a circumpolar research perspective and to foster future Canadian-Swedish Arctic research cooperation, Polar Knowledge Canada and the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat  will offer early career scientists  the opportunity to take part in an exchange program between the two organisations’ Arctic research stations. Selected scientists will conduct research at both stations and establish links between Canadian and Swedish Arctic research institutions.

Where? Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS) and Abisko Scientific Research Station

Who can apply? PhD students or scientists holding a PhD degree not older than five years, employed by a university or research organisation in Canada or Sweden

Included: Travel to each research station and accommodation are provided free of charge

Deadline: 15 February 2018

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