The election committee, composed of Sven Mannervik (chair), Birgitta Bremer (bio), Per Ljungdahl (bio), Gunhild Rosqvist (geo), Alastair Skelton (geo), Jan E Bäckvall (chem), Elzbieta Glaser (chem), Gudrun Brattström (ma-phys), and Claes Fransson (ma-phys), has delivered a unanimous proposal for the composition of the Board.

All those eligible to vote will be able to submit counter-proposals to the election committee’s proposal between 16 and 29 September 2014. Anyone who submits a proposal must first ascertain that the nominee is eligible and willing to stand as a candidate. Teachers and researchers with scientific expertise in the Board’s area of responsibility are eligible for nomination and election to the Board. This refers to professors and other teachers/researchers with a doctoral degree or equivalent qualifications.

University regulations stipulate that all teachers (including adjunct lecturers) and researchers within the Board’s area of responsibility are eligible to vote and stand as a candidate if they:

• are employed for more than two years, and
• work at least 50 per cent of full-time.
In addition, employment must have commenced no later than 1 September 2014. Those who are on 100 per cent leave, with the exception of parental leave, are not eligible to vote or to nominate a candidate.

Detailed regulations are available (in Swedish) on the staff website.

Timetable for the election process

20 Aug - 1 September:

Preliminary electoral rolls are posted at the departments before they are finalised.

1 September:

The election committee’s proposal is posted on the web.

3 September:

The electoral register is finalised by the dean.

16-29 September:

Period of free nomination. Those eligible to vote will receive an email containing instructions on the nomination procedure.

8-14 October:

Election period. The election is conducted electronically. Those eligible to vote will receive an email containing instructions and a link to the ballot.

15 October:

Announcement of election results.
Following the announcement and co-determination negotiations, the vice-chancellor will appoint deputy vice-chancellors and deans.