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Subjects within Biology
Subjects within Chemistry
Subjects within Earth and Environmental Sciences
Subjects within Mathematics and Physics


Ethology, 1 position

Department of Zoology

Molecular biosciences, 3 positions

Department of Molecular Biosciences, The Wenner-Gren Institute 

Plant physiology, 1 position

Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences









Materials chemistry, 4 positions

Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry

Organic chemistry, 2 positions

Department of Organic Chemistry

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Environmental science, 1 position

Department of Environmental Science


Mathematics and Physics

Atmospheric science and oceanography

PhD studies at the Department of Meteorology

Chemical physics, 1 position

PhD studies at the Department of Physics

Computational mathematics, 1 position

Department of Mathematics

Physics, 3 positions

Department of Physics

Theoretical physics, 2 positions

Department of Physics