The Stockholm Academic Forum (StAF) has been awarded a grant of SEK 14.5 million by the European Social Fund for a project that will investigate the career associations of teachers of higher education. The project has the title "Arbetslivsanknytning för högskolelärare". The aim of the project is to augment the opportunities of higher education teachers to work in ways that are integrated with and coupled to professional careers. The project will focus on science subjects at Stockholm University and at KTH.

Competency demands have changed significantly for teachers of higher education in recent years as a result of shifting objectives in higher education. Today's central challenges include the interactions with the world around us, both in the design and performance of teaching and research. Associations to the future employment market are of no lesser importance. Demands for better career associations in higher education are posed by the Higher Education Ordinance, at the national and European political level and by the students themselves.

"A heightened focus on career association is highly topical and something there is a great need for, which is why it is both challenging and pleasing to be awarded this funding," says Elisbet Blaus Rendahl, StAF Managing Director. "The project is centrally important for the continued development of Stockholm as an attractive knowledge base, both for students and commercial companies," she explains.

The project began in January 2012 and will continue until the middle of 2014