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Grants for personal mobility – Strategic Mobility

SSF finances the salary cost for researchers who wants to change from industry to academia /research institute or vice versa for a period of time. Apply to the Strategic Mobility program!

The Foundation for Strategic Research has allocated SEK 15 million for a strategic mobility initiative for a period of two years. Each grant within the program covers a researcher’s or a corresponding person’s salary for a four to twelve month exchange service in a sector other than the one the person is currently active within. During the stay, the guest researcher shall conduct strategic research within any of the Foundation’s areas of responsibility, which are natural sciences, technology and medicin.

Persons at hospital/government can apply on the same terms as corporate employees.

The purpose of the program is to increase personal mobility, knowledge transfer and cross fertilization between sectors.

The closing date for the application is 10 September, 2020, at. 14.00. Earliest project launch will be 2021-01-01. Please write the application in English!

More information on SSF:s webpage

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