Vega was the first ship to sail through the Northeast passage (1878–1880) along the Siberian margin under the leadership of AE Nordenskiöld. 

Using a multibeam sonar on Ola Skinnarmo's vessel Explorer, Jakobsson and Mayer are mapping the virtually unknown seafloor landscape in the Melville Bay. With some luck they will find the Vega. What they have found in abundance, however, are the landform traces of ice streams moving from the Greenland ice sheet towards the outer continental shelf and icebergs that have created ridges, furrows and troughs in the seafloor sediments. These submarine landforms will be interpreted in terms of ice dynamics, including breakup and melting. The multibeam swath bathymetric data will be used also to update available seafloor maps in the Melville Bay region.

The present expedition has been highlighted by the Swedish Radio:

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