The Press Office advises against signing up for Klienten.se and similar package solutions for communications without a review the department’s needs and existing communication skills. The simplest subscriptions to platforms such as Klienten.se usually require the strategy and production to be done by the user, and the platform is merely a channel. For package solutions, all the work is outsourced to the company running the platform. The University already has contracts with suppliers of communications services.


“Klienten” is also linked to Forskarbladet.se, where articles can be published for a fee. The Press Office strongly advises researchers against using Forskarbladet.se Editorial connections with journalists in the news and other media are valuable and develop over time. Purchasing editorial space does not belong in this category, and purchased advertising does not benefit from the same trust as when the media reports on research.

Dubious international websites

There are several international websites that contact researchers and universities with offers to publicise and write about new research for a fee. Here you should be vigilant and ask yourself what kind of distribution these texts will have and if this is a credible way to publicise research news.

You can also read the article ”Publicering: Högt pris för att synas” in the Swedish Research Council’s web magazine Curie.