The core facility comprises the mechanical workshops at the department IGV, located in Frescati, and at AlbaNova (run jointly by the department Fysikum and KTH), located in Albano. The services provided by the new core facility will replace services earlier provided by the central workshop, centralverkstaden, at Frescati Backe, which will be decommissioned during spring of 2021. The new core facility will offer a continued high level of expertise and services in mechanical construction and manufacturing in the same spirit as before. The IGV and AlbaNova workshops will undertake both large and small scale tasks in mechanical construction and manufacturing. To facilitate transports of both personal and equipment the core facility will from September 1 have access to a van (ABT e-Caddy). This means that the workshops are very flexible and tasks that require the presence of workshop staff or transport of relatively large equipment can be undertaken with a short notice. 

The implementation of the organizational structure of the new facility is on-going and will be completed during 2021.

How to proceed

Independent of the character of the mechanical support required the first thing to do is to contact the workshop. This is preferably done by filling in the order form:  Order form, Mechanical Workshop (591 Kb)  and send via e-mail to Tomas Eneroth at the workshop.

You will then be contacted by the workshop. If you need any advice how to proceed don’t hesitate to contact the workshop either before or after you submitted the order form. For contact information see below. 

Bear in mind that more or less every new commitment is a new challenge for the mechanical workshops at the Faculty. Good communication is therefore of utmost importance for an efficient manufacturing process. This is especially important in the beginning when the process is initiated. With that in mind fixed quotes are very difficult to provide. Since every job is unique the time required to accomplish a workshop order has to be an estimate. Well prepared and well documented orders will facilitate a more precise time and cost estimate of the manufacturing. 

Workflow in a mechanical workshop

In brief a typical workflow for the manufacturing process in the mechanical workshop (W) looks as follows:

  • You: Contact/send in order form
  • You and W: Initial discussions
  • You or W: Prepare drawings (2D and/or 3D)
  • W: Order material (if necessary)
  • W: Prototype manufacturing
  • You and W: Test of the prototype
  • W:Adjust the prototype 
  • W: Manufacturing
  • Delivery
  • W: Invoicing (link, see details here)

The mechanical workshop is often very busy and in order to rationalize the manufacturing process (and shorten the lead time) there are a few things to consider before approaching the mechanical workshop.


  • Provide as much information and documentation as possible with the order. 
  • Check what standard materials and dimensions are available and if they are suitable for your project.
  • Check which dimensions are critical and which are not.

Hourly rate

According to the Faculty decision, the hourly rate is SEK 850. For orders coming from departments at the Faculty of Science the hourly rate will be subsidized with SEK 300 by the Faculty (i.e. the net rate for the ordering department/project will be SEK 550). The department/project will be invoiced the full amount, and has to clear the subsidy with the Faculty. (Instruction will be found here).