Microbial Cell is now accepting submissions (more information is available at www.microbialcell.com).

Microbial Cell is dedicated to the use of unicellular organisms to understand cellular responses to internal and external stimuli and/or to model human diseases. The journal will publish different types of articles, including research papers and reviews that cover heterogeneous topics in the fields of microbial and general cell biology and signaling. In addition to the modeling power of unicellular organisms, Microbial Cell is equally interested in research addressing microbial cells as pathogenic targets.

Microbial Cell is an open access online journal that thus allows its readership and general public around the world to read, download, store, distribute or print any article free of charge. The journal will collect an article-processing fee from the author(s) for every article accepted for publication. For authors from low-income and lower-middle-income countries, publication costs are waived (see Microbial Cell’s DevResearch waiver program).
The international editorial board is led by three editors, Frank Madeo, Guido Kroemer and Didac Carmona-Gutierrez, and includes world leaders in the fields of microbiology and human disease within the founding editorial board. In addition, over 100 chosen academic editors around the world have joined the editorial board. Importantly, more than 200 submissions from around 25 countries have already been confirmed for the next 24 months.
For additional information: http://www.microbialcell.com