They will become teachers at record speed

More than 200 first-choice applicants, half of whom were eligible, wanted the opportunity to complete one year of distance studies with a study grant in order to become a teacher. The 25 that were admitted, about half women and half men, will be awarded a teaching degree in one or more of the following school subjects: biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, science and technology.

Compared to the regular bridging teacher education programme, the study rate in this “KPU for researchers” is higher, which also means that the summer is used for work placement and independent study. The training is provided together with KTH. About a dozen mandatory lectures at both universities are alternated with web-based seminars and group work, as well as one semester’s worth of work placement.

Facts about KPU for researchers:

  • Four universities have been given a five-year mandate by the government to offer KPU to people with research degrees: Stockholm University in collaboration with KTH, as well as Umeå University and Karlstad University.
  • The aim is to train more subject teachers and lecturers in mathematics, science and technology.
  • At SU/KTH, more than half of the participants have chosen to specialise in grades 7-9, the rest specialise in upper secondary school.
  • Subject distribution among the 25 participants at SU/KTH: Biology, 8 participants; physics, 12; chemistry, 9; mathematics, 15; technology, 8; and science, 2.