The number of applicants (people without Swedish personal identity number) amounted to 966. Compared to 2015 it's an increase of 142 percent. For the entire university, the increase is 62 percent. All but three of the facultys 41 international programs increased their number of applicants.

The most searched programs was the Master's program in Nutrition, which increased by 188 percent from 50 applicants last year to 144 applicants now. In second place comes the Master's program in Geomatics, Remote Sensing and GIS, which increased by no less than 447 percent from 19 applicants 2015 to 104 candidates now. The largest percentage increase was, however, the Master's program in Materials Chemistry which increased by no less than 500 percent, from two to 12 candidates.

Ariel Goobar Professor of Experimental astroparticle physics lectures at the Department of Physics of the universe
Ariel Goobar, Professor of Experimental Astroparticle Physics, lectures at the Department of Physics about the expansion of the universe. Photo Per Nordstrom