The University’s two Deputy Vice-Chancellors and the Vice-Chancellor’s Office have now, in consultation with representatives of the SRC, investigated the matter of future organisation and placement of the SRC. At the meeting in November, the University Board made their decision, which indicates that the SRC is placed under the Board of Science. The Centre will not be part of any of the faculty’s sections, but will be represented in the advisory committees for the Biology Section and the Section for Earth and Environmental Sciences. This placement is justified by the fact that the leading researchers at the SRC have a background in Systems Ecology, and that there is a clear natural science dominance among the SRC’s researchers. To emphasise the Centre’s interdisciplinary character, a preparatory body composed of members with expertise in “sustainability science” will also be established. The researchers will come from the natural sciences as well as the humanities and social sciences.

According to the decision’s supporting documents, the SRC’s position at the University will be strengthened when the Centre is given representation on a disciplinary domain board, while this also provides increased opportunities for communication with other research areas.