Lab. Photo: Niklas Björling

Who are the participants? 

The course is aimed at everyone who has delegated or assigned work environment tasks in a laboratory environment. The first two sessions in April were attended by a total of around 30 heads of department, assistant heads of department, research group leaders and an administrative manager.

What do they learn?  

A head of department or manager with work environment responsibility take on a great responsibility. This is even greater when there are colleagues working in an experimental scientific environment. On many occasions there are potentially dangerous tasks, products and equipment in use. This course is intended to give an overview of the responsibilities, rules, laws and requirements that they undertake to follow when delegated or assigned. The university too sets requirements for work in these environments. The course is also intended to give an insight into the support and procedures that are available and how the department’s own laboratory safety coordinator function works.
Many think about the field they are working in, but we need to give an overview that covers everything that is relevant for SU. Everything that we work on in scientific laboratory work is covered, including both classic laboratory work and laboratory field work. 
There were three of us who set up the main features of the course, but since then many more people have provided input and collaborated on the content.

What do those who have taken the course say? 

Packed with facts. Overall I am satisfied. The course had an average mark of just over 4 (out of 5) in all parts. We also received constructive comments that we can build on. Generally, there was a desire for more information in all parts and more time for questions, but there was also agreement not to add much more time. The considered impression is that the participants would like to have this as a general overview course and that there could then be opportunities for more specialisation according to different areas and needs. 

Will the course continue to be given? 

The course will continue to be given once or twice per semester to begin with, depending on need. 
You can register on the page for SU’s management training under competence development (management seminars). 
Dates for autumn have not been fixed yet but will be announced during the summer. You must have a written delegation or assignment to take the course.

Are you happy with the course?

Broadly speaking, yes. When you set up a course like this, there will always be parts that must be worked on. There will be new laws, rules and SU procedures. This is an opportunity to meet those whose jobs include this kind of work, as well as to hopefully identify and understand their problems better.  

Any lessons learned for the future? 

Naturally we will look at the suggestions from the first participants and work on what the participants need. For example, we have identified that we need to have more space in the schedule, which will be ca challenge without losing content or making the course longer.

Anything else to add? 

It felt good and rewarding. Another important point is that the participants start a dialogue with those of us who work on safety questions at SU, whether they are at department, faculty or central level. Information for those who are new in their roles is especially important, so that they get off to an easier and better start.