We are currently looking for supervisors to the 2021 summer school for high school students. The task as a supervisor is to design a small lab project (related to your own research) for 6 students and also to correct their reports.

The summer school is a highly appreciated project for second year high school students. 126 students attend every year in different research areas (from mathematics, biology, chemistry, geosciences, physics and astronomy).

Now as times are what they are we plan to run it the 9-18th of August, instead of June, if students are allowed on campus by then. If not we will do a hybrid version week 44 in the lab and Zoom based lectures in near time to this week. We will also of course go through all procedures carefully with you in advance for to ensure it is going to work according to the FHM recommendations that might still be around. Let´s hope though that the worst has passed by then. 

The supervisor task will include:

  • 9700 SEK salary (before tax) is paid as a salary
  • 6-8 student groups consisting of second year high school students for each supervisor
  • The project is designed by you as a supervisor and focuses on your research
  • The actual lab time-project time is part of the total summer school - mostly ca 60-70% of the total time spent.
  • Correction of student lab reports


Please contact agneta.noren@dbb.su.se if you consider to sign up, want more information or if you want us to talk about this at your PhD council meeting. 

We look forward to hear from you!


See also a video about the summer school on YouTube