• How to survive home office - improve your meeting culture. Wednesday, May 20 2020; 12:00 -13:00 (CEST). More information and registration
  • Intro to courses in Machine Learning with MATLAB (session 2). 
    June 3 2020; 10:00 AM 
    In session 2, we plan to discuss your ideas, questions after doing the courses on ML. We will love to hear how you plan to use AI with MATLAB in your research and how can MathWorks be of help. We are also open if you want to present your project briefly. Registration

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NJF Conference 2020 - Sustainable development of future academia in Sweden

Paul Lappalainen presentation on discrimination 20200310 (11263 Kb)

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By-laws for Stockholm University Young Faculty (96 Kb)

Presentations from the Career Symposium "Careers and dual careers - Survival guide to the academic jungle" November 5th 2019: 

Bioethics and Biolegislation Mini-Symposium: Wednesday May 29th 2019, 2 PM-5PM, Magnélisalen, Arrheniuslaboratoriet

Panel Discussion about Open Science: Tuesday May 14th, 14:30-16:00, Magnélisalen, Arrheniuslaboratoriet. 

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Steering committee meeting minutes 2018-03-26 (138 Kb)

Steering committee meeting minutes 2018-02-01 (149 Kb)

Next steering committee meeting at 2018-03-26 (agenda) (31 Kb)

About The Young Faculty Organization

The Stockholm University Young Faculty (SU-YF) organization has been established on February 1st 2018, and now it represents more than 500 members of postdoctoral fellows, researchers, senior researchers, assistant professors and young faculty members. The SU-YF aims to promote transparency, provide information and support all members for their career advancement. The mission of the SU-YF is to promote diversity and innovation across the campus, not only through interdisciplinary research activities at SU but also through enhancing the interpersonal skills of the SU-YF members so that they can navigate their career between academia and industry. The SU-YF will also provide a comprehensive program to facilitate the social interaction among the young academic members at Stockholm University and other sectors, towards the goal of building a strong community that can benefit from the exchange of knowledge, culture and experience. The SU-YF organization has recently joined the National Junior Faculty (NJF).

The SU-YF Leadership

The chair of SU-YF is Magnus Lindh, the vice-chair is Ane Metola and the secretary is Grant Kemp. The SU-YF also has section representatives for biology, physics/mathematics, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences.

Join the SU-YF 

The membership is free of charge and you are more than welcome to join if you are a postdoc, guest researcher, researcher, senior researcher, assistant professor or a young faculty member at Stockholm University.

To become a member, please send an e-mail with title “New Member SU-YF” to

You are welcome to contact the SU-YF directly via e-mail,, with any questions, concerns, or ideas you may have. 
The SU-YF twitter account is @SUYoungFaculty so feel free to follow us.
The the National Junior Faculty (NJF) webpage.