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Science and society

The Faculty of Science has a broad collaboration with the society. Researchers collaborate with schools, companies, authorities and organizations, are experts in the media and participate in the public debate. Collaboration contributes to developing research and to link people from different areas and with different knowledge.


A new generation of compounds for the treatment for diabetes type 2

Results from Tore Bengtsson’s research group at MBW at Stockholm University has led to the development of novel compounds for the treatment of metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes.


Newly developed instrument paves the way for novel catalyst design

Researchers at Stockholm University have developed a new instrument to gain deeper insight into the fundamental processes of how catalysts work.


Royally Flushed: Trying to Prevent a Down-the-Drain Disaster

The Department of Environmental Science and the Käppala wastewater treatment plant are working to identify risks from potential industrial chemical spills.


Going wild - regulating chemicals that affect animal behaviour

Which scientific studies are allowed to influence decision making, and which are not? In this project risk assessors and researchers are working together to improve the use of behavioural studies in environmental risk assessments of chemicals.


Turning to science for a more sustainable planet

The Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe in their quest to address some of the world’s biggest social and ecological challenges


Researchers help leaders transform their businesses into sustainability role models

Through its executive programme on resilience thinking, Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) offers CEOs and board members tailor-made support to accelerate transformation towards sustainability.




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