The course is to be seen as a part of a general academic education and is not specific to any subject or project topic. It consists of 4 seminars about the scientific method, obligatory course literature and a written final exam. After completing the course, the student is expected to have insight in the concept scientific method.

The course is given at half-pace (afternoon time) once per spring semester and once per autumn semester, and once at full pace (day time) directly after the spring semester.

The course is given in Swedish. Under special circumstances, you may get the course literature and the exam in English.

Registration for the course is obligatory and is done under this link.

When you have received confirmation of your registration, you can log in to Stockholm University’s learning platform Mondo (

In Mondo, there will be a tab named ”Vetenskaplighet [semester]” at the top of the page. Under this tab, you’ll find more information like schedule, course literature etc.