Subject description

As primary producers of all ecosystems, plants drive our biosphere while contributing to human industrial innovations. As sessile organisms, plants require a considerable capacity to adapt to both abiotic and biotic stress factors. As photosynthetic organisms, some enter interactions with other organisms (e.g. symbioses, mutualisms) where they supply partners with carbon sources in exchange or other relevant nutrients. Understanding the mechanisms involved in the responses of plants, to their environment is of fundamental importance. Here, at the department of ecology, environment and plant sciences, we examine how plants function at different levels of organization and scales; from molecules to ecosystems, and through time: now and during evolution.

Subject representative

Head of subject: Katharina Pawlowski
Director of Studies: Monika Winder

PhD studies at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Pland Sciences


General syllabus for doctoral studies in Plant physiology, PDF (Swedish)
General syllabus for doctoral studies in Plant physiology, PDF (English)

Phd studies

The programme leads to a licentiate or doctoral degree.
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