Forskning i kemi

Researchers from the Chemistry Section are active in four of Stockholm University’s leading research areas: Biological Membranes, Climate, Seas and Environment, Catalysis in Organic Chemistry, and Material Chemistry. The Section is also active in two of the Faculty’s identified future areas of research: Biochemistry and Theoretical Chemistry.

Two research centres belong to the Section: the Centre for Biomembrane Research (CBR) and Berzelii Centre EXSELENT (EXtremely SELective and ENanTio-selective nanoporous materials for controlled sorption and catalysis). The research at CBR is funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research and is closely related to the leading research area Biological Membranes. Much of the research focuses on the structure and function of membrane proteins. The EXSELENT centre, which is funded by the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova, conducts basic and applied research on porous materials, and several large and small chemistry companies are involved with the research projects. Researchers from the Chemistry Section are also very active at the newly established Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab). In addition to the research areas and environments mentioned above, internationally prominent research is conducted at all five chemistry departments. A clear sign that the Section’s research is very successful is that chemistry at Stockholm University represents Sweden’s highest position in international rankings.