Årets stipendiat är Atefeh Khorsand Kheirabad, 32 år, doktorand vid Institutionen för material- och miljökemi. 

Porträttbild på Atefeh Khorsand Kheirabad
Atefeh Khorsand Kheirabad är årets Arrheniusstipendiat.

Atefeh Khorsand Kheirabad har disputerat med avhandlingen "Functional hybrid and composite porous membranes derived from imidazolium-type poly(ionic liquid)".

Populärvetenskaplig sammanfattning

Atefeh Khorsand Kheirabads avhandlingarbete, i populärvetenskaplig sammanfattning, på engelska:

Atefeh Khorsand Kheirabad’s PhD thesis deals with the design, preparation and application of new hybrid and composite porous membranes derived from an imidazolium-type poly(ionic liquid).

Previous studies on porous poly(ionic liquid) membranes in the literature have been majorly focusing on pure polymer-based ones, while the Atefeh’s thesis work has pushed forward the research frontline of porous poly(ionic liquid) membranes from pure organic to their hybridization and composition with inorganic materials.

The newly incorporated inorganic species or fillers in the membrane have broadened the property and the function window of such membranes and advanced this research area into a new dimension which has not been much explored yet.