Summer School 2015

Isotopes in Climate and the Earth System

Join the Bolin Centre’s Summer School on Islay, Scotland, and learn about isotopes in climate research

– Preliminary Agenda

Scotland Photo: Elin Tollefsen

Scotland Photo: Elin Tollefsen

What it is about

Isotopes are the basis of many powerful tools for understanding climate and the Earth system. They offer insight into climate variability at tectonic, orbital, millennial and historical timescales and help us to unravel complex processes.

At the Bolin Centre Summer School 2015 you will learn about isotopes in biogeochemical cycles of climatically active substances such as water, carbon compounds and aerosols. Other topics are the use of isotopes in reconstructing the state of the past climate and in studying Earth system processes. An important part will be lectures describing how isotopes are measured in various media.

The five day course will comprise four days with morning and late afternoon lectures allowing time for afternoon field trips. The sites of interest include raised shorelines, glaciated landscapes, peatlands, machair and (of course) one of Islay’s eight distilleries. On the fifth day, we will visit classic examples of Neoproterozoic glacial deposits and stromatolite-bearing cap carbonates, which have been cited as evidence for near global glaciations.


Neoproterozoic glacial deposits Photo: Alasdair Skelton

Neoproterozoic glacial deposits Photo: Alasdair Skelton


23–29 August, 2015


Port Charlotte, Islay, Scotland

Organising team leaders

Leonard Barrie, Alasdair Skelton and Björn Gunnarson

Who may apply

PhD students and early career scientists

How to apply

Please send an email to

Deadline 1 February 2015