Date: 5 April 2019

Time: 12.30 starts with lunch sandwich, 13.00-15:00 workshop

Place: Geobuilding lecture room U26

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Swedish Research Center for Toxicology Sciences (Swetox) was a consortium consisting of 11 Swedish universities 2014-2018. The accomplishments are exemplified in the attached pdf. A list of successful activities is presented at the end of this letter. The infrastructure known as Swetox Södertälje, the KI unit, has been adopted by RISE while researchers moved to different academic institutions, primarily within KI (


Due to the closure of Swetox the Swedish Academic Consortium for Chemical Safety (SwACCS) has been formed and is now under development. SwACCS is coordinated from Lund University and Örebro University with contact points at 13 Swedish universities, including all the 11 universities that previously were part of Swetox.


We now invite everybody at Stockholm University who are engaged in research and lecturing in any aspect of chemicals, health and environment to introduce SwACCS and open a discussion how SwACCS best can serve academia and the society to meet the challenges of non-safe chemicals, meeting the UN Sustainability Goals and Swedish and EU goals for health and environment.


SwACCS should be built on the desires and wishes from us as researchers and lecturers in academia. Accordingly, your engagement is instrumental. The program for this meeting is aimed:

  • to give both a perspective on how SwACCS has emerged and the overarching plan for the future
  • to collect ideas and input from researchers and lecturers at SU on how to work together to closeup on challenges related to “Chemicals-Health-Environment”, an area dependent on directed basic research and applied research as well as of improved advanced education to offer competent professionals to develop the societal needs in this area


SwACCS meeting plan for 2019

March-April: Local meetings at all engaged universities to build the base of SwACCS

March: Contact meeting with Swedish stakeholders (authorities is prioritized)

May 20: Åke Bergman symposium – from science to action for a chemical-safe world
June 10-11: SwACCS Internat

September 16-17:  SwACCS Junior Academy Workshop