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The Faculty of Science at Stockholm University is the largest science faculty in Sweden and is among the top hundred science faculties in the world on the Shanghai ranking. The Faculty offers top-class education in a number of programmes and courses, at Master´s level more than 30 study programmes are  given in English. 

Photo: Love Dalén

Frozen bird turns out to be 46 000-year-old horned lark

Scientists have recovered DNA from a well-preserved horned lark found in Siberian permafrost. The results can contribute to explaining the evolution of sub species.

Photo: Ingmarie Andersson

Green chemistry important in transformation to sustainability

There is huge potential in green chemistry which can speed up the transformation to a sustainable society. That was the message when Professor Paul T. Anastas held his inaugural lecture.

Vårärt/Gullviva är en av de arter som undersökts i studien. Foto: Katarina Fast Ehrlén

Climate change is not the only threat for our plants

To maintain plant and animal species on Earth, we need not only to consider the direct effects of climate change, but we must also take other equally important environmental issues into consideration.

Vargvalpen Flea. Foto: Christina Hansen Wheat

Scientists unexpectedly witness wolf puppies play fetch

Researchers report that the remarkable ability to interpret human the social communicative cues that enables a dog to go for a ball and then bring it back also exists in wolves.

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