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Welcome to the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science at Stockholm University is the largest science faculty in Sweden and is among the top hundred science faculties in the world on the Shanghai ranking. The Faculty offers top-class education in a number of programmes and courses, at Master´s level more than 30 study programmes are  given in English. 

Joseph Samec Photo: Niklas Björling

Study opens for extended use of lignin in sustainable chemistry

Researchers at Stockholm University have found a new cheap and environmentally-friendly oxidant that is highly efficient in cleaving bonds in lignin at low temperatures. Extended use of lignin has the potential to replace many chemicals that we today get from fossil sources.

Retrieving fish traps on the ice, while gas-flux chamber measurements proceed on the ice beside the helicopter. Photo: Sonja Murto

Reports from SAS polar expedition 2021

Read the reports from the SAS polar expedition 2021 by Sonja Murto

Sara Blichner, Department of Environmental Science, Stockholm University. Photo: Private

Aerosols and climate modelling – meet new Bolin member Sara Blichner

Post-doctoral researcher Sara Blichner has contributed to the latest IPCC report and is now involved in EU’s FORCeS project.

Suvasthika Indrajit

Suvasthika Indrajith works in experimental physics with atomic and molecular ions at DESIREE

- I started here in January as a post-doc and I won the thesis prize this year from the Chemistry-Physics Division of the French Chemical Society (SCF) and the French Society of Physic (SFP).


Stockholm University Young Faculty

Photo from a National Junior Faculty meeting held at SU in February 2020