The aim of MAGIC-DML (Mapping, Measuring and Modeling Antarctic Geomorphology and Ice Change, in Dronning Maud Land) is to reconstruct the glacial history of the ice sheet, specifically how its thickness and dynamics have varied over time. By collecting and determining the age of rock samples at different heights on the nunataks, numerical models of the ice sheet changes can be tested and improved. The models help the researchers understand how the ice sheet is affected by climate change, both historically and in the future. In essence, we are using the nunataks as 'dip-sticks' to study how the ice sheet has thinned in response to changes in the climate.

The desolation and the silence up on the Icecap is very present. Photo Per Nordström
Up on the Icecap you can feel the desolation and the silence. Photo Per Nordström

Joining the expedition from Stockholm university is Professor Arjen Stroeven from the Department of Physical Geography, and PhD student Jennifer Newall and PhD Robin Blomdin.

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