Science for a better marine environment

The Baltic Sea Center focus on scientific issues that are important for understanding and managing the Baltic Sea and its catchment area.

Focus areas in tune with global goals 

In 2015 the United Nations general assembly set 17 global Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, with the intention to achieve them by 2030. Many of the goals can be linked to the ocean but goal number 14 is named Life below water. Our scientific focus areas follow the targets of the SDG-goal and are studied as a whole, in a ecosystembased way:

Unique work methods 

Our researchers work with management and policy relevant issues, in close cooperation with a wide network of colleagues both in Sweden and internationally. Currently our researchers are involved in EU projects, such as the BONUS programme. The continuous dialogue and close collaboration with authorities, organizations and policy makers at various levels, is highly prioritized.

A prominent example is our close collaboration with HELCOM where our researchers at the Baltic Nest Institute (BNI) contributed significantly to the Baltic Sea Action Plan. The work method developed within Baltic Eye is now part of the whole centre. We try to disseminate all relevant knowledge and further promote scientifically based decisions aimed at improving the Baltic Sea environment.

Our researchers are also involved in basic research studies ranging from exploring the role of the coastal zone in the functioning of the Baltic Sea ecosystem to open sea field studies addressing major biogeochemical cycles, food web issues, marine habitats and the fate of contaminants.

Contact us for more information about our current science or marine research at Stockholm University. 

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We gather and strenghten research

Stockholm University has a long tradition of marine research. The Baltic Sea Centre was founded to strengthen and improve the visibility of marine research and current projects at the university.

We promote research collaborations

Researchers at various departments at this University contitutes a joint marine interdisciplinary research team at the Baltic Sea Centre; Baltic Sea Fellows. This initiative is a development of the governmental funding of strategic research areas (SFO).

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We offer resources for marine research

To promote marine research at the Stockholm University level we operate the field station Askö Laboratory. Our new research vessel R/V Electra is situated at Askö, but can be used in the whole sea area. 

We communicate research

At the Baltic Sea Centre communicators and experts collaborate to help society handle its marine environmental problems. We synthesise and distribute scientific results to the right target audience in our society.

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Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre ...

... conducts research to support the management of the Baltic Sea, transmits useful scientific knowledge to the right place in society and provide essential infrastructure for marine monitoring, research and education.

Scientific leader:

Christoph Humborg

08-674 76 68

We offer resources ...

The Baltic Centre provide, develop and maintain expensive physical and financial resources for marine research.

... and convey useful knowledge

Another important task is to make research results and information available for those who work with management as well as and other interested parties.